Emirates To Double Algeria Flight Schedule In May

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Dubai’s flag carrier will offer flights between Dubai and Algiers four times a week.

Emirates is set to double the number of flights between Dubai and Algiers in response to rising demand. The UAE carrier will increase its schedule from two to four flights per week from May 1st. The service will also no longer stopover at Tunis between the two destinations.

Emirates doubles flights to Algiers

As demands for flights increase, Emirates will up the frequency of its service between Dubai and Algiers. The airline presently flies between the two destinations twice a week, but this will go up to four on May 1st.

Omar Alhemeiri, Emirates Country Manager of Algeria, said,

“We have seen a marked increase in passenger demand to and from Algiers, especially to Dubai and onwards to other destinations that are gradually opening or easing their restrictions across our network. We hope that by increasing our frequency into Algeria, we are able to support traffic flows in and out of the country as it continues its post-pandemic economic recovery, and it is also a testament to our commitment to Algeria.”

In addition to the airline’s Tuesday and Thursday services, Emirates will offer flights on Saturdays and Sundays.

Emirates Boeing 777-300 ER

Emirates launched its nonstop flights to Algiers in 2013. Photo: Emirates

Flight EK758 departs Algiers at 15:45, arriving in Dubai at 01:05 the next day. Flight EK757 departs Dubai at 08:45, arriving in Algiers at 12:55.

Additionally, flights between Dubai and Algiers will no longer connect via Tunis. The current schedule involves a stopover of around 70 minutes in Tunisia.

Tickets can be purchased on the Emirates website, through its sales office, or via travel agents.

Operated by the Boeing 777-300ER

Flights between Dubai and Algeria will be operated by Emirates’ huge fleet of Boeing 777-300ER aircraft. The carrier has over 120 777-300ERs, the most numerous of any type in its fleet.

As Emirates notes, it is “the only airline serving Algeria with private, enclosed First Class cabins, offering premium customers an enriched experience across every touchpoint of the journey.

Emirates cabin

There are plenty of premium seats onboard an Emirates Boeing 777-300ER. Photo: Getty Images

Emirates’ Boeing 777-300ERs on this route will offer eight private first class cabins, 42 business class seats and 310 seats in economy class. Simple Flying got the chance to take a full cabin tour of an Emirates Boeing 777-300ER last year.

Over nine years serving Algeria

Emirates is closing in on 10 years of offering direct flights between the UAE and Algeria. After suspending this route due to the COVID pandemic, Emirates re-added Algiers to its network in November

Omar Alhemeiri added,

“We have been operating flights for almost 10 years, connecting Algerians to the world and offering a world-class experience onboard, whilst prioritizing the health and safety of our customers. We look forward to boosting our services further in the future to provide better travel options for our customers as they take to the skies again.”

Emirates first launched flights to Algiers in March 2013 with a daily service operated by its now-retired fleet of Airbus A330-200s.

Have you flown with Emirates between Dubai and Algiers? How did you rate the service? Let us know your experience in the comments.

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